Perks of Getting A Membership In Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific was acquired by Hong Kong Airways, which became the dominant airline in HK. Under the Swire, another essential sister company was established in 1950. Today, it is one of the major airplane repair service companies with divisions in other cities of China.

Cathay Pacific is a founding member of the One World Alliance and has a rich history of connecting the world with its home in HK. Cathay membership offers a lot of promotions, especially the annual membership.

Cathay Pacific membership

There is no enrollment fee for becoming a member. take a membership to greater heights with more benefits than ever before. You may enjoy everything you love about the lifestyle and travel and reward at the same time. Getting a membership starts earning Status Points the moment you participate and can access exclusive benefits and level up membership status.

With a membership, you can collect points, such as:

    • Fly with us
    • Fly with our partners
    • Get spending

The table indicates the several Status Points required for the renewal or upgrading of its membership status in a membership year. In addition to these points, the member should fly at least one eligible sector on the Cathay Pacific.

  • Status points to upgrade
  • Membership validity period

When joining Cathay, you will become a Green member. The membership year will last for 12 months from the date enrolled, renewed, and upgraded into the current member status.

Upon renewal, upgrading or downgrading, the Status Points automatically reset to zero. The new membership year begins. The upgrades may occur as soon as accruing enough Status Points, entering the next status threshold in a membership year. As several status upgrades are unallowed, you can progress one membership status at a time.

How to become a Cathay member?

Provide your mobile phone number that is used as the sign-in ID. If you have an Asia Miles or Marco Polo Club member, sign in to unlock the world of Cathay member benefits and rewards. The benefits of joining Cathay:

  • Speed through bookings and online orders
  • Easily earn and spend Asia Miles
  • Get priority online check-in when you fly

What is a Green Member?

Sign up and earn status points today. You can unlock member benefits and elevate them daily. There are a lot of benefits to unlock, including impressive rewards. Green members may access the world of benefits after signing up for Cathay, from priority online check-in to exclusive flight offers and lifestyle experiences.

Green members enjoy the following benefits upon signing up for Cathay without a joining fee. The travel benefits included in this membership are:

  • Earn Asia Miles and Status Points
  • Priority online check-in
  • Extra legroom seat redemption
  • Extra baggage redemption
  • Exclusive ticket deals
  • 24-hour free cancellation

Membership has several levels, from Green membership that goes up to Diamond membership. Here are the in-order Cathay Pacific membership:

  1. Green
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Diamond

These four tiers have increasing member benefits for each, and middle status benefits when you accrue points. The higher the membership status, a member gets more privileges you will enjoy.


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